4 Steps to Keep up with Your Bank Branches Cleaning During Covid-19 Crisis

4 Steps to Keep up with Your Bank Branches Cleaning During Covid-19 Crisis

As the COVID-19 crisis is resurrecting, the businesses have to pay extra attention to cleaning and sanitizing their offices and branches, especially if you are managing a financial operations and bank branches. While you have to clean your branches daily, you have to pay extra attention to sanitizing your locations, so the customers and employees feel safe to conduct their financial transactions at your locations. It is true that technology has assisted the society to do most of their financial transactions online and away from the traditional bank branches, but there is large ratio of the traditional customers who still prefer to do their transactions face to face at a physical bank locations.
The cleanliness of your bank branch speaks volume. It presents your operation as stable and a place where customers may entrust their hard-earned cash to your financial institution. While you may have fiduciary responsibility to provide the best financial outcome for your customers, you also have a moral responsibility to protect their health while they are visiting your branches.
The cleaning and sanitizing of a bank branch is different than cleaning an office. To begin with, the banks require background checks on all cleaning crew that are hired. This means that the cleaning crew must have a legal status in the United States and pass the rigid criminal background. Therefore, a bank branch manager or the bank procurement specialist cannot consider any local cleaning. The company must have the appropriate type of experienced employee. Furthermore, the cleaning company must be able to comply with the state’s or county’s cleaning guidelines, and even surpass some of the county’s guidelines because some of inter-state banks have adopted more stringent cleaning procedures for their locations.
It goes without saying that Post Covid-19 crisis, the traditional cleaning will not be sufficient. That’s why banks must explore the latest guidelines about creating a clean and sanitized branch visits, and learn how to commit to the cleaning protocol, and more.
To do your bank branch cleaning properly, consider doing the following:

1- Hire a professional cleaning company specializing in cleaning and disinfecting commercial building prior opening and regularly thereafter.
2- Discus the cleaning/disinfecting with the cleaning company and ask them to provide you a brief description of the cleaning steps involved and the type of cleaning products they use.
Is the cleaning company’s process and products equivalent or better than your recommended cleaning protocol?
3- Ensure that the cleaning company hires its employees as opposed to contractors, and the cleaning employees all have passed the background checks. This ensures that you won’t experience any hiccups during contracting. Ask for evidence of background checks and insurance certificates.
4- Share the cleaning information with your customers: the cleaning/disinfecting process, the importance of cleaning, and your intention to protect the health and safety of your customers, and how you go beyond the recommended county or state recommendations.

Remember, the cleaning and disinfecting is a specialized task and requires extensive training.

You or regular traditional cleaning companies may not be up to date to do the proper cleaning during the crisis. Review your cleaning company’s process and ask questions. If necessary, ask for new quotes and how the new cleaning company can put your customers at ease. Remember, dusting or wiping surfaces is not enough anymore. Above all, your cleaning company should provide the minimum services recommended by your bank protocol (if you have any), CDC guidelines, and your county cleaning level 2 measures.

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