5 Points Checklist for hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

5 Points Checklist for hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Are you looking to hire a commercial cleaning company for your business? Are you the owner of a small enterprise, a property, or a company in need of reliable and professional cleaning services? Then this article is specially composed for you.
The commercial cleaning industry is saturated with many companies that offer low cost services, but they lack providing a consistent quality and reliable services. It can be a daunting task to find an experienced, reliable and trustworthy company to consistently provide reliable cleaning services.
In this article, as the owner of cleaning company in Santa Ana, I would like to highlight a five step validated checklist that will aid you to hire a team of commercial cleaning for your business within few minutes:
1) Ask for work experience
It is important to hire a company with professional and trained staff.

2) Ask for insurance document
To protect your business against potential liability risks, it is extremely important to hire an insured company. Ask for a copy of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates.

3) Quantity of staff and coverage area
Clarify the coverage area and make sure the company has enough staff to provide regular quality service within your business locations.

4) Ask for correct billing statements—avoid cash payments!
Commercial cleaning is a business expense. Make sure the service provider offers correct billing statements and ask for their W9.

5) Quality and type of cleaning products
Ask what type of cleaning products they use. Hire a company that uses green products.