6 Reasons Not to DIY Post-Construction Cleaning

6 Reasons Not to DIY Post-Construction Cleaning

Ah, finally, the renovation work has been completed, your lovely home has been spruced up and is now ready to glow in its full glory. It finally looks the way it should. You knew it had all that
untapped potential, and now you are ready to give your friends the grand tour. There is only one minor obstacle – a huge mess everywhere. The question is, what should you do with thismess now? You look around this post-construction apocalypse and realize you may need to roll up your sleeves, as there is more work to be done. Or do you? Maybe picking up the phone is the sounder option. Here are 6 reasons not to DIY post-construction cleaning.

Renovations were costly, I don’t need more expenses

Indeed you don’t. Hold up, I’m not agreeing with you for the reason you think I am. See, the main point you can save on is labor. Now, depending on the extent of the renovations, it could just be a matter of sweeping up some dust and dirt. No need to call in the pros on that one. Still, if we are talking about more serious work, we need to use more serious cleaning agents. The everyday stuff you have lying around probably won’t cut it. What should you buy? What is environmentally friendly and what is too abrasive and could potentially damage your possessions
and lovely home? You see where I am going with this; this is a rare instance where the DIY route could cost you more.

Excuse me, do you have any spare time?

Time is money, money is time, and in today’s world, we often find ourselves short on both. Cleaning up the post-construction wasteland can be time-consuming, energy-depleting, and nerve-shredding. Again, the question is whether or not it is really worth it. If you reread the previous sentence, it’s hard to answer confidently with a resounding ‘yes’, isn’t it?

A person holding a small clock in their hand

These days, it’s hard to find even a little bit of spare time

The right tools for the job

All that experience and know-how the pros have will help them clean up the place at a fraction of the time it would probably take you. Namely, just like they have suitable cleaning agents, they also have the right tools. Tools you probably do not own because, quite frankly, why would you? Unless you are one of the pros, in which case this article is more or less a moot point for you, there is no reason for you to have state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. The cleaning industry is changing and will continue to do so as new methods and technologies are discovered and applied. It will stay up to date with the latest developments, so you don’t have to. So, to recap, the pros have the right tools, supplies, and knowledge to ensure that everything will be looking spick and span, with every nook and cranny looking spotless. Leave that thought to marinate for a while.

A person holding a yellow plastic spray bottle

You don’t have the right equipment but the pros do!

Waste disposal

Taking out the garbage is one thing. Taking care of more serious waste while staying in compliance with local authorities is something different and infinitely more complex. If only there were somebody who could deal with waste clearance as well… 

Undisturbed routine

Construction work is always going to play havoc with your schedule. By hiring the experts, you pass on the task of the clean-up work to others, leaving you free to get on with your life. You know, the bunch of things that were probably put on hold while the office or home were being smashed down and built back up. Furthermore, once the construction work is done, you will probably want to settle into your old routine as quickly as possible while enjoying the ambiance. With everything cleaned to the highest possible standards and cleaned quickly, you can do just that.

Reasons not to DIY post-construction cleaning – you can regain control of your schedule by hiring others.

The pros can do it better

This one is a bit of a hit for the ego, but everything we discussed has been leading up to this. Remember that sentence I left you with halfway through the article? There was a reason for it. DIY makes sense if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. In this case, everything points to the fact that it doesn’t. If you need to spend a lot of time, money, and energy for a result hat’s worse, then something isn’t right.

Don’t forget about storage

Chances are, before the work started, you may have moved things into storage to declutter and set the groundwork for the project. All this talk about cleaning, but something that is often overlooked is that the storage unit needs cleaning too. Not much point in moving in a dusty piece of furniture into that sparkling new living room. Therefore, when thinking about cleaning the house, make sure to take care of your storage as well. By covering all your bases, you will ensure a happy, clean home!

Clean conclusion

There you have it, 6 reasons not to DIY post-construction cleaning. Once all the planning, budgeting, scheduling, and rescheduling have been done, make sure that the final phase is also taken care of properly. Construction work is never easy, but the final reward is worth it if you see it through to the very end. The question is not whether you should call in the experts, but rather how to choose what company to employ and what questions to set to find the best fit. Call in those pros and walk into the picture-perfect home you had always wanted.