The growing business sectors of health care and great cultural as well as tourism opportunities, these attributes magnetizes more business setups in Santa Barbara County. And to make those firms and other institutions work hygienically, Clean 1 USA offers commercial cleaning services in Santa Barbara County. The County has the most beautiful cities in California and to maintain that image we have come up with the best janitors, day porters, chemical-free products, and more. We present our services to hospitals, medical clinics, warehouses, retail stores, schools, banks, and any commercial site and office buildings.

Following are the services we offer to make your space squeaky clean:

  • Day porter services: Our day matrons facilitate the daily chores of your workspace. They perform their diligent services to make your space sparkling fresh and hygienic. A professional day porter lays the foundation of your business. As no one would like to hire your services or step in your site if the surroundings are not clean.
  • Janitorial services: Experienced janitors have the ability to check up on general maintenance and minor repairs of your workspace. Clean 1 USA janitors are experienced and can assist you in enhancing your over-all appeal of the site.
  • Covid cleaning: keep your employees, clients, and other staff safe by choosing Covid Cleaning services of Clean 1 USA. This will ensure that your office building or retail store free from hazardous viruses.
  • Green cleaning: We focus on eco-friendly products to add our contribution to saving nature from harmful chemical products. We present to you our green cleaning services for every type of commercial cleaning.
  • Commercial cleaning: An appealing building will attract potential customers to your firm. Make sure where ever your commerce is set up, it is sparkling fresh and clean. The commercial cleaning service of Clean 1 USA provides you a thorough cleaning session and reliable services.