Commercial Cleaning Service at Simply Crystal Clean

Commercial Cleaning Service at Simply Crystal Clean

Simply Crystal clean provides varieties of commercial and office cleaning services for businesses, schools, banks , auto dealerships, retail stores, and medical facilities in Orange County. It is ranked in top three commercial cleaning service providers in Santa Ana, California.

The company is young and cannot be called the largest in cleaning industry, but the fact is that is one of the most innovative cleaning companies in Orange County. Simply Crystal Clean was founded on the basis that an office space should maximize its full capacity to increase office productivity. For that reason, we will work with you to design a customized and most effective cleaning plan for your office whether it is daily, weekly, monthly to keep your office an inviting clean environment for your work family.

If you have ever walked into a space that is less-than-clean you know how much it can affect your perception of a company or their organization. Fortunately, a clean and sanitized area will make all the difference with minimal effort on your part.

At Simply Crystal Clean all staff requires a mandatory of 50 hours of training before they are sent to commercial job sites for cleaning. They pass background checks, are provided the materials and protective gear and have experience in cleaning and sanitation; therefore, they are always mindful of quality cleaning and cross-contamination for example: they do not use the same tools on different surfaces or the same materials numerous times.
When we sanitize, we are fighting the germs and bacteria present in high traffic, high risk areas for pathogens. When people are in constant contact with a surface, it retains germs.

Simply Crystal Cleaning will work with you to use the most effective office cleaning and disinfecting program for your needs to give you, your staff, and your client a piece of mind about the level of cleaning at your office.

At Simply Crystal Clean Standards Matter.