Does it worth to invest on a good commercial cleaning company ?

Does it worth to invest on a good commercial cleaning company ?

Majority of times business owners, facility or office managers, HR directors (or other parties responsible to select commercial cleaning companies) may not conduct a correct interview while selecting a commercial cleaning companies. They consider “price” as the main decision making factor and disregard the quality of the service they should receive.

Does it really worth to invest on a good and consistence commercial cleaning company ?

Workplace fatalities, injuries, and illnesses cost the country billions of dollars every year. In its 2018 Workplace Safety Index, Liberty Mutual estimated that employers paid more than $1 billion per week for direct workers’ compensation costs for disabling, non-fatal workplace injuries in 2015. The National Safety Council estimated that work-related deaths and injuries cost the nation, employers, and individuals $151 billion in 2016.
Employers that implement effective safety and health management systems may expect to significantly reduce injuries and illnesses and reduce the costs associated with these injuries and illnesses, including workers’ compensation payments, medical expenses, and lost productivity.
In addition, employers often find that process and other changes made to improve workplace safety and health may result in significant improvements to their organization’s productivity and profitability.

With respect to recent public health issues involving Covid-19, we realized how the correct cleaning and sanitizing system impact work places and safety of the employees.

When it comes to selecting a commercial cleaning company for your offices, facilities, retail store, dealerships, banks, and ect.. , it is very important to evaluate the quality of the services and cost together.

It is totally worth it to invest on a good quality and consistence cleaning service.