Good or Bad Cleaning Service

Good or Bad Cleaning Service

While shopping around for a commercial cleaning company, sometimes clients comments they are looking for the best commercial cleaning company or a super commercial cleaning company with no mistakes or delay.
And sometimes cleaning companies claim that they are the best and others are not as good as they are because they never make any mistake.
In realty, there are no such service providers or 100% perfect cleaning company with no errors.
“Cleaning” in general is a service business and is a physical work. It is impossible for any cleaning company to claim that their services are 100% accurate.
This is similar to a company claims that their staff never make any human errors, never arrive late, or never experience any problems with technology, or no delays with material deliveries, and ect…

The truth is cleaners will call sick, they do experience car problems, and some days they will arrive late because of bad traffic, heavy rain, or personal problems.
Then what are the differences between a cleaning company with a good service and a bad service

There are 5 major differences which you need to ask about while interviewing your potential service provider:
1) How structured their companies are?
2) What type of training do they provide to their staff?
3) What systems are in place to eliminate the mistake?
4) What support do they offer when there is a problem?
5) What type of insurance coverage they have to avoid liabilities?

When it comes to selecting a right commercial service provider for your facility, specially if you have more than 25 employees, try to interview the service provider with right questions. You can then decide if they are the right commercial/office cleaning provider for your facility or not.

Please keep in mind: it is not about if they make any mistakes or not (for sure they will), but it is about how they would stand behind their services. More importantly, if they even can stand behind their services and fallow through.