How Can Day Porter Services Help ?

How Can Day Porter Services Help ?

Most companies, shopping malls, retail stores, medical facilities, rehabilitation centers and others whose businesses are frequented visited by customers throughout the day,or have living patients, might find themselves in need of a Day Porter Services.

With the changes that Covid-19 implemented in our society, It does not need to be further emphasized how all aspect of our daily lives changed including how we look at things in our new normal.
Considering this wake-up call, many outsides of the commercial cleaning industry were surprised how little and infrequently most offices, shopping malls, restaurants, gyms, and airplanes were actually being cleaned by professionals. Until Coronavirus, correct method of cleaning for commercial cleaning services was not really defined. Commercial cleaning services used to be seen as a luxury not a necessity or ancillary business cost and usually one of the first scratched off when budgets needed to be cut.

Now, for very good reason, we are seeing an increased demand for cleaner facilities as we have all taken a small course by way of the news and on virus transmission.

How Can Day Porter Services Help ?

If you have a busy business, or managing a large corporation with a number of essential staff,medical facility,rehabilitation center, senior living facility, or school, you are aware of the importance of having a regular cleaning and disinfecting schedule in place. There are a lot of high traffic areas and high touch points that need to be continuously disinfected as the day goes on to ensure the safety of your staff and clients.

With a day porter janitorial service, you have someone (or a few people) at your business during your open hours continuously circling the facility and wiping down all surfaces with an EPA List N disinfectant. Another option is for someone to come in at intervals during the day, example during lunch break, to disinfect the break-rooms, bathrooms, or working areas.

It is important to mention that hiring outside services for Day-porter jobs take the responsibility of California labor law and insurance requirements (including works’ compensation) away from your business. In most cases, large operations save money by hiring third party Day-Porter services to keep up with high standard of expected cleanliness that you r organization requires.

Simply Crystal Clean staff includes highly skilled professionals who deliver Green sustainable practices, correct disinfecting methods, along with a proven management team providing exceptional project oversight. We always deliver a clean, sustainable, and healthy facility for our clients. Our janitorial and day porter staff receive many hours of training for proper cleaning techniques and cleaning product before they start their jobs.
For your porter staff to be successful, it is crucial that you define what you expect based on your facility needs, and create a timeline to meet those expectations. We will Outlining the duties expected from the most essential to the least essential to make sure your company maintain a clean and disinfected environment every day .

If you are looking for day porter commercial cleaning services for your business, contact Simply Crystal Clean for more information.