How to Design an Easy-Maintenance  Commercial Kitchen

How to Design an Easy-Maintenance Commercial Kitchen

When designing a commercial kitchen, you must consider both functionality and hygiene. A proper restaurant kitchen design is key to good food and customer service. It also boosts efficiency and reduces maintenance issues. And we all know how important it is to keep the commercial kitchen clean at all times. That’s why you have to consider both the layout and materials you’ll use if you want to design an easy-maintenance commercial kitchen. In this article, we’re going to explore the best equipment, materials, and design features you’ll need to have the functional and low-maintenance commercial kitchen you deserve. So, let’s begin!

Design and layout of an easy-maintenance commercial kitchen

When it comes to hygiene and practicality, the kitchen design and layout should not be disregarded. An entirely seamless kitchen is incredibly easy to clean during service, reducing the risk of allergies or raw food cross-contamination with cooked meals. To aid with this, try incorporating isolated spaces or entirely contained rooms where space permits.

Additionally, it’s not only inefficient, but it’s also unsanitary to cross pathways in your kitchen. That’s why a thorough design planning that takes into account the ergonomics and flow or procedure of the cooking will guarantee that your kitchen is more sanitary and efficient in every aspect.

Easy-maintenance Commercial Kitchen Design Features

The easy-maintenance commercial kitchen is the one that is both easy to clean and hygienic. That’s why if you want to design one, you’ll have to think about which features you’ll have to include in your kitchen. We suggest the following:

A chef preparing food in a commercial kitchen.

If you want to have an easy-maintenance commercial kitchen, you’ll have to think about design and equipment.

Completely seamless meal preparation areas

One of the biggest problems that cause complicated maintenance in restaurant kitchens is food and dirt traps between and beneath the appliances. This creates a non-hygienic environment and is far from easy maintenance. That’s why we suggest designing a fully seamless kitchen. This begins with a design that includes a wholly integrated and sealed gear as part of the stainless steel construction, guaranteeing that food and liquids cannot enter, get behind, or between kitchen appliances, even in a custom cook suite. Secondly, your work surfaces should be seamless. This is especially crucial in areas where raw meat and other consumables, such as flour are frequently spilled.

Furthermore, provide upstands on all sides. When combined with the sealed gear and welded construction, this implies you only have to clean the surfaces you can see since the structure prevents food and liquids from getting into previously unseen regions and gaps. This saves time and money by eliminating the need to move equipment to clean.

One-piece cook suites and portable equipment

A fully customized cook suite with a one-piece stainless steel top is the epitome of a commercial kitchen. This eliminates any gaps or dirt traps that are prevalent with modular equipment. Customized chef suites, on the other hand, are frequently out of reach for most restaurants and hotels. The good news is that there are several low-cost or creative choices available to assist you
in creating a seamless cooking environment.

For example, you can get one-piece tops and additional modular equipment from the same manufacturer. This way, all the elements will fit in together with ease. In addition, we suggest infilling and sealing all the appliances. This considerably reduces cleaning time behind the machine by preventing dirt entrapment.

When it comes to moving and installing all this equipment, you’ll have to have professional help. Consider hiring a commercial moving company that can handle the relocation of your whole business into the new commercial kitchen. They will certainly know how to properly take care of your equipment and everything else.

Low-maintenance flooring

If you want to design an easy-maintenance commercial kitchen, you cannot overlook the flooring solutions. The ideal answer for sanitation and safety is to choose a seamless solution like epoxy resin with a hard-wearing slip-resistant coating. Altro-style flooring is a more cost-effective choice that is also simple to set up on the plinths. Unlike more typical flooring solutions like tiles and grout, which are permeable and require harsh chemicals to clean, these solutions are much easier to maintain. Therefore, since floors are the areas you’ll regularly clean in your commercial kitchen, you should consider these flooring solutions.

Hygienic commercial kitchen equipment
Besides commercial kitchen design features, you’ll have to think about what type of equipment to purchase for your easy-maintenance kitchen. Luckily, there are many options that are both functional and hygienic. Therefore, let’s see what you should consider!

A professional kitchen.

It’s crucial to have hygienic kitchen equipment.

Induction Cooking Appliances

The cooking equipment is one of the most expensive sections of the kitchen to maintain. Gas is a popular choice among cooks, but it has certain disadvantages, such as the numerous components that must be removed for cleaning and the fact that it holds heat. That’s why we suggest induction cooking appliances. They have no residual heat, and you can effortlessly incorporate them into all types of surfaces.

This allows cooks to wipe clean the stovetop and cookware as they proceed, resulting in no burnt-on food or carbon build-up. Thanks to this, the clean-up after the service is significantly faster, saving time and eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

Induction also saves money by using less energy because it is only turned on when it is needed.As a result, the overall heat in the kitchen is reduced, providing a healthier working environment for the squad.

Storage solution

Shelving and storage, which is often ignored, is an important area that might be prone to poor hygiene or contain areas that are complicated to clean. We suggest considering the following
Floating wall shelves. These shelves look like they are floating, and because there are no brackets, there are no dirt traps, making them simpler and faster to clean.
Steel shelves with two skins. Steel shelves with two skins are often formed of a single sheet of metal with bends and recesses beneath. A fully-sealed double-skinned shelf has no cavities or concealed locations where dirt can accumulate.

Dishwashing Equipment

Although it may seem self-evident, having the proper dishwashing equipment is critical to maintaining a good level of hygiene in your kitchen. Most importantly, make sure that any ware washing equipment is operating at the proper temperature, preferably over 60 degrees, to kill bacteria. This should be evaluated as part of any recommissioning procedure for kitchen equipment. Simply put, the right dishwashing equipment may help you save space, time, and money.


This is another area of commercial kitchens that has to be easy to maintain. Additionally, it should be super hygienic as it involves food. That’s why you have to keep it clean at all times. However, you have to think about the mechanical parts of refrigerators and freezers as well. We advise you to use remote refrigeration packs. This means there are fewer mechanical elements in the kitchen and, as a result, fewer places for dirt and dust to gather. The bottom line is, remote refrigeration packs save space, minimize maintenance, and decrease extra heat in the kitchen.

Regular Maintenance

Finally, for your commercial kitchen to be easy to maintain, regular servicing and cleaning are a must. Even if your design is perfect and you get a hold of the best equipment, you’ll have to take proper care of it. Therefore, be responsible. Design an easy-maintenance kitchen and treat it with care all the time. Only this way will you have functionality and hygiene in the kitchen.