Movie Theater Cleaning

Movie Theater Cleaning

Movie theater cleaning presents a daunting challenge for even most experienced custodial crew. Between the necessity for cleaning food-prep surfaces, hard surfaces, and both carpets and hard floors in auditoriums, cleaning crew may find themselves investing in a number of different systems to clean one facility. Movie theater cleaning requires a good working plan to accomplish all of the necessary tasks in a timely manner.
In addition to routine challenges associated with movie theater’s cleaning, 2020 coronavirus pandemic made the cleaning tasks more detailed.
As an example, AMC Theatres will now have to follow extremely intensive cleaning practices alongside implementing reduced theater capacity so as to avoid transmission of the virus from close contact with others.
Our team at Simply Crystal Clean are ready for all challenges associated with cleaning and disinfecting at any movie theaters in Southern California.
With respect to general public health concerns involving Covid-19, we offer an effective disinfecting and sanitization cleaning using Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) .
HOCL is an EPA Registered Hospital Surface Disinfectant. At 200+ppm, this environmentally safe solution is effective against COVID 19. At 50-60ppm, HOCl is an FDA approved N0-Rinse food sanitizer, therefore, completely safe to use in food processing plants, restaurants, bars, or any other facilities. This cleaning and disinfecting program is one of the most effective methods available in the market.
Staff are well trained and will follow a detailed cleaning check list in order to meet the new CDC requirements.
Below is a rundown on the various critical areas of a movie theater that require special attention and how to tackle them. Our crew is ready for the challenge.

Entrance and Box Office
The first parts of the theater moviegoers see are the entrances and the box office. This area is often crowded with people, so proper cleaning and disinfecting is essential to making a strong first impression and ensure the public safety. The ticket windows should be free of smudges and fingerprints.

The concessions at theaters present many of the same challenges that are faced by operators of fast-food establishments. On top of safe food-handling procedures, employee safety is of the highest concern for both the theater owners and management. You need a spray-and-vac that is versatile enough to get into the small floor space behind the counter and clean up spills quickly without leaving the floor wet. Employees should also regularly clean the counters and other touch points with microfiber towels or wipes. Once the theater closes, deep cleanings can address the popcorn machines, soda dispensers, and other key concession equipment

The auditoriums themselves often present one of the biggest challenges in movie theater cleaning. The crew has to tackle spills on the hard floor areas (which can create sticky—and slippery—surfaces for customers who may be entering and exiting in the dark), soiled carpets, and popcorn and candy spills all over the floors. They should use a vacuum on the carpets as well as an autovac to clean the hard floors.

Because movies often last for at least a couple hours, with crowds typically converging on the high-traffic restrooms before and after shows, maintaining clean facilities is a must. There’s no substitute for deep cleaning the restrooms several times a day, so we may need to close them to visitors while out team returns them to safe, healthy conditions. Try timing these cleanings during movie show times when traffic is minimal. A no-touch spray-and-vac system (as opposed to traditional mops and rags) works best and avoids cross-contamination of other areas of the theater.
Effective movie theater cleaning is only possible with a system that is both portable and advanced. Versatility in a cleaning system is crucial.

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