Post construction cleaning

Post construction cleaning

The last phase of a construction project is final cleaning.
Once the framing, electrical, plumbing, and such are completed and approved, a builder is through with the rough work and ready to start the fine work. Builders mostly wait for the last required inspection approval from the related city before they schedule the final cleaning.
This stage is very important to builders and construction companies since the final cleaning makes their work shine.

Post Construction cleaning is different from the regular cleaning since involves an out-off ordinary amount of dust removal and requires special equipment.
Post construction cleaning usually takes longer since it has more steps than regular cleanings.

At Simply Crystal Clean post construction cleaning has three phases:

1)Removing Dust: During is the initial phase we remove and clean all construction debris including dust, windows, sliding glass doors, and the floor.
2)Deep Cleaning: This stage begins with cleaning of all interior areas and repeat process of dusting. At the completion of this phase the space is usually considered move-in ready.
3) Final Touch-Up Cleaning: This stage is usually a day after the cleaning when the dust settles to make sure that all areas are cleaned.

Usually builders and developers ask for final cleaning bid prior to submitting their actual proposal for a project. Simply Crystal Clean is ready to provide bid for your construction project of any size. We are authorized to work on public and private owned projects.