3 Steps to do your office cleaning and disinfecting right.

Use this blog as a basic approach to consider re-opening your offices and welcome employees back during the current crisis. Many businesses were forced to shut down, and many had to quickly accommodate their employees to work from home during COVID-19 crisis. As the restrictions are being gradually lifted, and you are considering to re-open your offices or place of businesses, you should take extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of your employees and clients. From the strategic perspective, you must consider how to accommodate the social distancing criteria to avoid the potential health, reputation, and litigation risks.

As important as the office setup to comply with the social distancing principals, you must pay extra attention to the cleaning, disinfecting, and preparing the office space.

Post Covid-19 crisis, the traditional cleaning will not be sufficient. You must demonstrate that you have a proper cleaning process and crew to your employees and customers.

To do your office cleaning properly, consider doing the following:

1- Hire a professional cleaning company to clean and disinfect your office prior opening and regularly thereafter.

2- Discus the cleaning/disinfecting with the cleaning company and ask them to provide you a brief description of the cleaning steps involved.

3- Share the following information with your employees and customers: the cleaning/disinfecting process, the importance of cleaning, and your intention to protect the health and safety of your employees and customers.

Remember, the cleaning and disinfecting is a specialized task and requires extensive training. The regular traditional janitorial companies may not be up to date to do the proper cleaning. Review your cleaning company’s process and ask questions. If necessary, ask for new quotes and how the new cleaning company can put the employees and customers at ease. Remember, dusting or wiping surfaces is not enough anymore.

If you are considering a new cleaning company, or if you need to consult with a cleaning company that is well-established and offers well-trained employees, contact Simply Crystal Clean. Simply Crystal Clean has a specific cleaning/disinfection process for all commercial business spaces. Check out their COVID-19 four-step cleaning/disinfecting process.

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