5 Kept Secrets of Commercial Cleaning

Prior to COVID-19 crisis, the scope of commercial cleaning usually involved general and routine cleaning including floors, tiles, partition walls, internal walls, suspended ceilings, lighting, furniture, and periodic deep cleaning. Post Covid-19 crisis, the commercial cleaning has evolved to encompass disinfecting especially the high contact areas such as doorknobs, tables, washrooms, refrigerators, and even the office phones. Commercial cleaning is no-longer the industry to hire an un-experienced laborer to do the detailed commercial cleaning.

The commercial cleaning companies have to invest in their workforce and train the employees properly, so they’ll be able to provide adequate cleaning services for their clients. In the world that an employer is liable to provide safe, clean, and sanitized work environment for its employees, there is no room left to take a shortcut. Most Commercial cleaning companies have to follow certain guidelines such as the processes published by International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA). In fact, most commercial cleaning companies have to take the published guidelines and align them to their services and clients. Customization of commercial cleaning process is the most important key concept for a vendor and client relationship.

If you are a business owner and think you can hire your own cleaning crew or allow your regular employees to attend to your commercial cleaning, think again! You must consider dealing with challenges brought about by the novel Corona virus. You may not take a shortcut to cleaning, since you may be exposed to unwanted legal and reputational risks if your business is identified as the source of the spread of the virus and infection.

Aside from the strategic perspective that you must consider how to accommodate the social distancing criteria to avoid the potential health, reputation, and litigation risks, a commercial building owner must pay extra attention to the cleaning, disinfecting, and preparing the office spaces. You must demonstrate that you have a proper cleaning process and crew to your employees and clients.

If you are still using the same old commercial cleaning vendors, especially the type that outsource their jobs to other small cleaning companies, you must ensure the cleaning company can comply with the following five criteria:

1- Follows Occupational Health and Safety Administration compliance protocols for proper cleaning and sanitation

2- Understands the causes of cross contamination and how to employ prevention techniques

3- Uses proper disinfectants and sanitizers

4- Educates and trains its employees on proper commercial cleaning processes

5- Uses proper cleaning equipment to contain the spread of germs. The commercial cleaning crew must clean and sanitize their equipment prior to starting a new job.

Remember, the commercial cleaning and disinfecting is a specialized task and requires extensive training. The regular traditional janitorial companies may not be up to date to do the proper cleaning. Review your cleaning company’s process and ask questions. If necessary, ask for new quotes and how the new commercial cleaning company can put the employees and customers at ease. Remember, dusting, mopping, or wiping surfaces is not enough anymore.

If you are considering a new cleaning company, or if you need to consult with a cleaning company that is well-established and offers well-trained employees, contact Simply Crystal Clean. Simply Crystal Clean has a specific cleaning/disinfection process for all commercial business and medical spaces. Check out their COVID-19 four-step cleaning/disinfecting process.

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