Carpet Cleaning

At Simply Crystal Clean, we provide the highest quality carpet cleaning to residential and commercial buildings.

Mr. Ken Mendoza is the head of Carpet Cleaning Department at Simply Crystal Clean.With 25 years of experience in Carpet cleaning, Ken offers an effective method for Carpet Cleaning at a reasonable cost.

We asked Ken to explain his method. Below, is what he said :

"The (VLM) very low moisture encapsulation method I provide can deliver consistent dry times under 4 hours and sometimes as little as 2 hours depending on humidity, air temperature, air flow, and how soiled the carpet was to begin with. Not only will the carpet dry quicker, it is also less likely to re soil with encapsulation, giving customers another reason to consider its use for their commercial or residential location.

In the encapsulation process as the cleaning pad spins over the carpet the chemistry or cleaning agent is introduced to the soil on the face of the carpet’s fiber. This chemistry reacts and loosens the soil particles and detaches them from face of the carpet fibers. This is enhanced by the mechanical action of the cleaning pads fibers contacting and scrubbing the carpet fibers and assisting the chemical reaction of the encapsulation cleaning detergent.

I have the option to use a plant based green encapsulation solution which is as powerful a cleaner as any chemical product now on the market. This carpet cleaning solution is non-toxic non-hazardous and safe for the environment. It’s a very green and powerful ally in the battle for green cleaning that is totally effective at removing soils while being a safe and sustainable product."

We invite you to utilize Ken's experience and knowledge for your next carpet cleaning Projects.Staff at Simply Crystal Clean work hard to deliver high quality and customized service.

Standards Matter.

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