Construction is finished. Now what to do with the mess?

Updated: Jul 22

A post-construction cleaning service is different from a general cleaning service because the work is much more labor-intensive. It is simply about removing a lot of dust!

The first step is to remove construction debris and junk. Watch out for leftover tools. The construction crew will come back for them!

After removing the debris, one must remove dust, especially the powder dust. Don’t begin cleaning until you vacuum thoroughly. Make sure your dry and wet vacuum works well, and its filters are clean, have a long extension cord available, and empty the debris/dust collector often.

After you fully vacuum the entire place, now you can start cleaning. Don’t forget to clean all surfaces, light fixtures and lamps, ceiling fans, and window titles.

You will need to clean the floors multiple times. One-time cleaning is not enough. Try not to get mad at painters, they always leave some marks behind. Don’t use harsh chemicals to remove paint marks, because you may damage hardwood floors. You might want to consider buffing and polishing the floor to shine them properly.

If you are cleaning after renovation for an existing building with carpet and furniture around, you need to dust all of them completely. The majority of times deep dusting is not enough. You may need professional carpet cleaning as well. Standard vacuum cleaners will not remove all the fine dust from carpet, upholstery, furniture, or curtains. You definitely need professional-grade equipment.

In the end, you need to pressure wash the outside area.

If you think all the above is too much to do, Give us a call. We are ready to assist.

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