Disinfecting, Sanitization, and Fogging Services

Updated: Feb 7

If you oversee maintenance and cleaning of a large facility, you have to consider a cleaning business partner to disinfect, sanitize and clean your workspaces. Depending on your facility, you may need to consider disinfecting, sterilizing, decontaminating, reducing airborne particles, deodorizing, or do a complete fogging.

Regardless of your cleaning needs, Simply Crystal Clean offers the properly trained staff and equipment to meet your cleaning needs. Simply Crystal Clean uses the state of art fogging machines to achieve the highest level of disinfecting required within a commercial facility.

Our well-trained cleaning specialists can meet stringent cleaning requirements for your facility. Our industrial foggers are very effective tools to properly clean hard to clean areas including areas occupied by electronic, food or medical devices. Simply Crystal Clean offers ULV Fogging, HVLP Fogging, and Thermal Fogging Services for commercial and industrial buildings. We only use high quality disinfecting solution like HOCL for disinfecting. HOCL is an EPA Registered Hospital Surface Disinfectant (Dossier with the Safety Data Sheets and the EPA Registration proof is available per your request ). At 200+ppm, this environmentally safe solution is effective against COVID 19. At 50-60ppm, HOCl is an FDA approved N0-Rinse food sanitizer ,therefore, completely safe to use in food processing plants, restaurants, bars, or any other facilities. This cleaning and disinfecting program is one of the most effective methods available in the market.

As the covid-19 crisis is surging again, it is more important than ever that you pay extra attention to the cleanliness of your facility. Using our specialized cleaning staff and our fogging machine services, we can assist you to maintain a clean and virtually sanitized facility. Do not allow the lack of proper cleaning drive your customers or employees away. We can help you to meet the higher cleaning and sanitizing standards at your work facilities.

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