Do 7 Things to Get the Best Results from Your Cleaning Crew

I recently visited a friend and his mother. As I arrived, I saw that her mother was upset. I inquired what happened, she expressed dissatisfaction with the hired cleaning crew and their lack of responsiveness. Like any other disagreement, there are two sides to each story. I assisted her to talk to the cleaning crew and discovered that they did not understand some of the instructions that were given to them and agreed by their managers. The matter was resolved quickly, and the Mom was happy with the end-result. Ultimately, we need to treat all workers with respect; however, you may set certain expectations that keep both parties satisfied.

Many studies reveal that that treating anyone with respect would yield higher performance and productivity. Most of the cleaning employees, whether commercial or residential, fear losing their jobs if they complain. That’s why many cleaning and janitorial service employers mistreat their cleaning staff. For this reason, many cleaners choose to work for specific families who they trust and know they can be treated nicely. Besides, many of the cleaning crews are migrant workers and their poor command of English and lack of knowledge about employment rights makes them particularly vulnerable to mistreatment. You need to avoid facilitating the abuse of these cleaning employees by vetting your cleaning company.

Whether you are a business owner or homeowner, do the following to ensure hiring the fair cleaning company:

1- Make sure the cleaning company is insured and carry a valid Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. You do not want to expose your company or household to work injuries. Your casualty and home insurance are not sufficient to cover the work incident coverage. A cleaning company with a Workers’ Compensation coverage tends to be better employers who care about their company and employees. Ask for the coverage.

2- Ensure the cleaning company has employees as opposed to all contractors, and the cleaning company pays wages, and taxes for their employees. By issuing proper paychecks, the cleaning company is ensuring paying their employees legal and proper wages. You can ask the cleaning company if they are hiring employees or contractors.

3- Make sure the cleaning company treats their employees with respect and dignity. If you see any sign of abuse, you should step away from that company. Such abusive cleaning company may pose a reputation risk for your company.

4- Please note cleaning staff are hard working individuals and they are performing a very labor-intensive work. You cannot do it, and that’s why you are hiring them to do the hard work for you. If you see some shortcomings, politely communicate with them or talk to their mangers. Many cleaning company mangers go out of their ways to do the jobs right.

5- Pay fair wages.

6- If you are paying your cleaning company less than everyone else in the market, they are either doing a poor job, or they are underpaying their employees. Do not work with these companies. They are liabilities.

7- Try to work with a company that provides proper billing.

In the era of special attention to customer service, the cleaning companies are adapting to the customers’ needs. Do not get upset over small items. A decent reputable cleaning company will address your concerns and make things right.

If you are considering a new cleaning company, or if you need to consult with a fair cleaning company that is well-established and offers well-trained employees, contact Simply Crystal Clean. The company has strong values in fairness and abide by all employment laws and regulations. Check out their COVID-19 four-step cleaning/disinfecting process. To take the guess work out of your business cleaning, contact Simply Crystal Clean.

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