Is Your Cleaning Contract Deal really a Deal?

You are planning to take a family vacation, and book everything in advance including your hotel stay, airfare, and transportation. You get a nice package deal and sign a deal, and then inform the family of an exciting coming vacation. Right?

On the day of travel, you arrive at the airport, and you find out that you have to pay extra for each luggage, airplane meals, and a better seats, so you may keep the family together. By the time, you pay for the extra fees, the deal does not look like a deal anymore. Then you get to your destination and experience the same lack of service at your hotel. Your accommodation does not even remotely look like what you saw when you reserved the hotel. Again, you have to pay extra to get the service and room that you had in mind. At the end of the travel, you probably spent more and again. The deal was not really a deal! At the end of your trip, you probably realize that you had to pay more attention to details or spent a bit more money to get a real deal and better experience.

This is like signing a contract with a cleaning company. The traditional cleaning companies over-promise, and hardly deliver. Many undermine the pricing bit to get your contract, but they will not deliver a fraction of services that are required for cleaning these days. You have to be clear as what you expect and read their Statement of Work (SOW) as how they will provide their services. If their price is substantially lower than every other company, you should question as why their prices are so low. Do you really think they can pay less to their employees or they are simply going to provide inferior services?

If you are operating a commercial building, government building, or running a simple Airbnb, you may not rely on the traditional cleaning services any longer post COVID-19 crisis. In most cases, you must show that you are employing a new enhanced cleaning protocol, and you are taking steps to disinfect the business locations to safeguard employees, customers, clients, or guests.

To do your cleaning properly, and get a great deal for your cleaning services consider doing the following:

1- Hire a professional cleaning company to clean and disinfect your offices prior to opening and regularly thereafter.

2- Discus the cleaning/disinfecting with the cleaning company and ask them to provide you a brief description of the cleaning steps involved.

3- Share the cleaning information with your employees and customers including the cleaning/disinfecting process.

Remember, the cleaning and disinfecting is a specialized task and requires extensive training. You or regular traditional cleaning companies may not be up to date to do the proper cleaning. Review your cleaning company’s process and ask questions. If necessary, ask for new quotes and avoid the low bids. Remember, dusting or wiping surfaces is not enough anymore.

If you are considering a new cleaning company, or if you need to consult with a cleaning company that is well-established and offers well-trained employees, contact Simply Crystal Clean. Simply Crystal Clean has a specific cleaning/disinfection process for all business locations within Orange County. Check out their COVID-19 four-step cleaning/disinfecting process. To take the guess work out of your business cleaning, contact Simply Crystal Clean.

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