Mid-size,Mid-Market Cleaning companies are Rare to find,but they are the Gems in the Cleaning World.

So, we know small or individual cleaning operations are good for residential cleanings. There are massive large janitorial companies that dominate the market for large corporations. But, what about the mid-size companies, franchise locations, or multiple Airbnb management companies? Obviously, this niche mid-market is large for small operations, and they are too small for the large national janitorial services. It is all about procuring the best fit cleaning supplier/vendor for your mid-size commercial needs. Any expert in the procurement department would tell you that you want to be the preferred customer for any service provider to obtain the best possible service. Obviously, you cannot get the best services from a small operation, since they do not have the resources to handle your account. The large providers do not consider your mid-size operation as preferred, so you won’t get the attention or customer service that you really should demand.

This is where the mid-size cleaning company performs the best. They are the best-fit for any operations that employs between 25 to 3,000 employees in multiple offices scattered around the same geo-graphical locations such as Orange County. You may easily develop a close professional relationship with these mid-size cleaning company and be considered as one of their preferred clients.

Do not shrug off the importance of being a preferred customer. Your perks may include emergency calls for clean-up, over-all better cleaning services, and ease of scheduling cleaning within a very brief timeline. Remember, cleaning your offices or Airbnb locations are the extensions of how you are running your business, or how you demonstrate to your clients and employees how efficient you are. You want to spend your money efficiently and obtain the best available services for your buck.

So, consider the following 5 steps prior to contracting with the next cleaning company, if you are a mid-size company:

1- Make sure the cleaning company is established as mid-market cleaning company in your operation areas.

2- The cleaning company is insured and carry a valid Workers’ Compensation Insurance coverage. You do not want to expose your company to work injuries. Ask for the coverage.

3- Ensure the cleaning company has employees as opposed to all contractors. A legitimate mid-size cleaning company pays wages, and taxes for their employees as opposed to hiring all independent cleaning contractors (this is what usually happens with hiring a large cleaning company. They outsource your services to another company).

4- Make sure the operational manager or someone from the upper management level of the cleaning company is available to meet with you and discuss the initial contract. Developing rapport with your cleaning service provider is the key concept to attain the preferred customer status.

5- Call the Cleaning company and verify if they are responsive to your needs within 24 hours or less. If they are small or large, you won’t usually get a response quickly.

If you are considering a new mid-market cleaning company, or if you need to consult with a fair cleaning company that is well-established and offers well-trained employees, contact Simply Crystal Clean. The company has strong values in fairness and abide by all employment laws and regulations. Check out their COVID-19 four-step cleaning/disinfecting process. To take the guess work out of your business cleaning, contact Simply Crystal Clean

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