What is the most common complaint with cleaning for vacation rentals?

Vacation rentals offer numerous benefits, such as privacy, freedom, and comfort over hotels. For these reasons, many families prefer vacation rentals over hotels. Of concern, the cleaning condition of the rental does not always meet the travelers’ expectations and needs. Everyone likes to stay in a clean and orderly place when traveling. When these standards are not met, the travelers are discouraged from staying in the vacation rentals or rating them as an excellent vacation rental. Therefore, vacation rental owners must meet the demand of their guests.

The most common complaint about vacation rentals that impact the house ratings is about cleanliness. Although vacation rentals cleaning is categorized under residential cleaning, vacation rental cleaning is very different. Aside from completing the cleaning timely and quickly, the cleaning must be detailed and documented. The documentation is an important part of finalizing the cleaning tasks ensuring the cleaning is done correctly, and any damages are listed. Cleaning time management is also challenging, especially when it comes to back to back bookings, early checking-in, or late checking-outs.

If you are a vacation rental property manager or an owner, you should pay attention to the qualification of the cleaning company before hiring the company or the cleaning crew. At Simply Crystal Clean, our staff are well trained to adhere to any cleanings related to vacation rentals regardless of the size of the rental property.

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