Simply Crystal Cleaning has become a fast-growing innovative commercial cleaning company in Southern

Updated: May 24

Simply Crystal Cleaning has become a fast-growing innovative commercial cleaning company in Southern California for a few reasons; not just one. Our motto of #Standardsmatter is our guiding mission in creating a comfortable working space for commercial offices, AirBnb’s, recreational centers, amusements parks and much more.

One of the most common question we are asked at Simply Crystal Cleaning is why make the investment in commercial cleaning services? Like the question says, it’s an investment and a calculated investment has gains. The benefits of hiring professionals for some jobs pay back by a tenfold on the investment and commercial cleaning is one of those areas!

Simply Crystal Clean’s employees are professional cleaners and experts at their job. They have learned to specialize in personalized services since no space is the same as the next. This is a big difference from residential cleaning!

We take our work seriously at the company, we are professional cleaners, this is our job and we take leaving each space we clean in pristine condition seriously.

Simply Crystal Clean also sends groups well equipped. Instead of paying overtime and investing in a massive amount of cleaning supplies and tools, such as steam cleaning machines, heavy duty vacuums and the like we are a one stop shop for your cleaning needs. A long term investment with invaluable benefits.

After a long day at work cleaning the house may be daunting, it’s not so different at the office. We all have our job duties and descriptions, so why not decrease the amount of stress and let professionals’ step in to handle your cleaning needs so that you can focus on what you do best. Not only does the business owner productivity increase, but so do the employees.

Killing germs and disinfecting the areas can also mean less “sick leave.” A consistent and reliable team like Simply Crystal Clean’s staff will become a critical asset in decreasing the spread of disease and pollutants in your space. The CDC recommends sanitizing areas such as desktops, doorknobs, faucets, and phones daily. There is a reason why our steam cleaning has become so popular to kill germs, viruses and mold.

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