Use Cleaning Vinegar as a Natural Sanitizer and Disinfector

Vinegar has been used as a cleaning agent from ancient time. It's certainly inexpensive, non-toxic and biodegradable and has been used as a common disinfectant for thousands of years. Cleaning vinegar is a natural way to clean so many things at home.

But Does vinegar really kill them?

It seems the answer is a "yes". Although Vinegar still is not listed on EPA registered disinfectors against Covid-19, yet is a good nontoxic way for disinfection at home. The environmentally friendly cleaning vinegar is safe for grown people, pets and kids.

Many people don’t like the smell of vinegar while cleaning. Problem has an easy solution:

All you need is to add half a lemon to a solution that’s equal parts vinegar, and equal parts

Water (Best to leave the skin on). If you like the smell of lemon, you can add more. But lemons aren’t the only things you can use. You can consider other essential oils such as:

· Rosemary

· Eucalyptus

· Tea Tree leaves

You can clean refrigerator, microwave, Stained plastic containers, Countertops, Bathroom,

Toilet, even wood floor. You can also use vinegar in your laundry room.

If you decide to use Cleaning Vinegar please be aware that cleaning vinegar has 20% more

acid than regular vinegar. You should absolutely never cook with or consume cleaning

vinegar. To avoid any confusion or accidents, store your cleaning vinegar with other cleaning

supplies and not with the food products in your pantry.

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