What does affordable commercial cleaning service mean?

If something is "affordable", it means its price low enough that most people have enough money to buy it. But “affordable” isn't something that can be easily define in the world of business or finances. Some people might consider an item or service under $100.00 value affordable; others might consider under $1,000 affordable, and for some people under $1,000,000.00 is still affordable.

What does affordable commercial cleaning services mean?

Does it mean that a company pays $1000 for a service that worth $100.00 because they can afford to pay? Or a company should charge $10.00 for a service that costs $100.00?

At Simply Crystal Clean affordable means reasonable.

It is our company policy to offer the most reasonable pricing to all commercial cleaning clients based on the type of service, size of the building, nature of the business, quantity of employees, foot traffic and frequency of the service.

We cannot claim that we are the cheapest commercial cleaning service provider, but we can claim we are one of the most reasonably priced service providers with respect to cost of doing business in Orange County,California.

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