Who does clean the White House?

The White House has its own housekeeping staff which maintains the building.

There are “132 rooms, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and 3 elevators are spread across the 6 floors—plus two hidden mezzanine levels—all tucked within what appears to be a three-story building.” Ninety-six people work full-time in the residence, and there are another 250 part-time employees. Among the jobs they do: butler, maid, chef, plumber, doorman, and florist. The second and third floors of the White House make up the residence.

The White House features a tennis court, garden, jogging track, swimming pool, movie theater,billiard room, bowling lanes and a basketball court.

All areas require detailed cleaning but more important rooms (Entrance Hall, Oval Office, Etc.) are vacuumed daily in the early hours of the morning, to be as unobtrusive as possible.

Available positions on the White House residential staff are filled by word of mouth, with

employees bringing in, and vouching for, new hires. Multiple generations of families

sometimes work in “the house,” as they call it, and employees generally stay on for


President Donald Trump has appointed four White House chiefs of staff during his three years as president. His latest, Mark Meadows, who has been in the role for just three weeks, is apparently having a difficult time managing both the new job and the devastating coronavirus crisis.

Mark Meadows has already unnerved aides by crying in two meetings about staffing, despite Trump's noted aversion to prominent displays of emotion, The New York Times reports. It seems the task is not easy.

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