School Cleaning Blog – 8-22

School Cleaning Blog – 8-22

Our school cleaning team at Simply Crystal Clean has many years of experience in the cleaning industry. As parents, they support a culture that prioritizes personal and professional hygiene practices for children starting early age. As cleaning service providers, they do their best to set an example of what a clean environment should look like.

If we want our children to become successful and responsible adults, we must start by practicing what we want them to follow and set high standards from an early age.

At simply Crystal Clean, Standard matters. Especially when it comes to providing cleaning services to educational facilities and schools, our company sets high standards to deliver the best message.

We know most children spend more time at school than in any other place. The cleanliness of the environment where they spend most of their time has a direct impact on their health and wellbeing.  Staff at Simply Crystal Clean are aware of the importance of stopping germs from spreading fast through high-touch areas.

For that reason, our company provides a checklist that is customized based on the type of educational facility and the age of the students to make sure all areas receive property cleaning according to correct standards. In addition, by using the proper cleaning products, we clean and sanitize all areas.

While we are not experts in teaching, we have a lot of experience in creating optimal clean environments for students and school staff to thrive. In that regard, we can claim we have PhD.

We know a lot about what matters to school faculties in the cleaning sector and how to run an optimal cleaning practice at any education facility, regardless of the size of the facility. From early childhood daycares to universities, our well-trained staff follows the correct guidelines by using the correct cleaning checklist to maximize efficiency. We are dedicated to enhancing the student experience and helping them to make stronger connections to their place of learning.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary walkthrough at your school to evaluate the cleanliness of your facility.