Simply Crystal Clean is an innovation to cleaning Industry in Orange County California

Simply Crystal Clean is an innovation to cleaning Industry in Orange County California

The creative founder of the leading commercial and industrial cleaning company Simply Crystal Clean, Bita Safari, lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for sixteen years before moving to Southern California in 2015. Not only is her understanding of California’s culture what makes Simply Crystal Clean unique but her background is what makes this company truly exceed expectations and industry standards.

Bita attended the best University before moving to the United and graduating in the field of Chemical Engineering.

Her interest in chemistry started in the 10th grade when she was captivated by mixing elements to create new ones. In addition to studying what makes one particular ingredient special due to its composition Bita also loved creating her own mixtures.

By trait Bita is a chemical engineer, but her career path has been much more widespread as she built herself in the corporate world ultimately becoming the Chief Operating Officer at in one of the nation’s leading attorney support company’s. It was there that the idea of Simply Crystal Clean was born without her even knowing. Managing a few hundred employee’s and various departments is one thing, but to work in a very busy, stressful, and demanding environment for 10 hours a day five days a week in addition to a heavy load of foot traffic, Bita saw firsthand how a clean office space correlates to work productivity.

Furthermore, cleaning was not only a cause of concern at work but at home. Bita is also a mother of an active teenager and German Shepard meaning keeping a clean household is a challenge as well. When hiring cleaning companies to assist in keeping up her standards at home, Bita really saw the amount of time it was taking to find the right cleaners was about the same as cleaning her house. This should not be the case.

The cleaning industry is not regulated and is no stranger to underpaid and overworked employees and exaggerated promises of the level of cleanliness a customer can expect. Bita decided that she wanted to make it easy for other companies to maintain the level of cleanliness they keep at home in the office without losing hours of their working day to find a cleaning company.

Bita created her own exclusive methods to cleaning and trains every employee at Simply Crystal Clean. Her training requires a mandatory of 50 hours before they are sent to commercial job sites for cleaning. All employees pass background checks, are provided the materials and protective gear and have experience.

Bita has truly mended her numerous experiences in coming up with Simply Crystal Clean’s mission, which is to provide the best level of cleaning for your office space so that everyone in the work place is more likely to have a happy, motivated and healthy environment.

She respects her employees and has created a work atmosphere that cleaners desire to work.

Simply Crystal clean provides verity of commercial cleaning ,post construction cleaning, and Day-porter services in orange county and ranked in top three commercial cleaning service provider in Santa Ana, California.

The company is young and cannot be called the largest in cleaning industry but for fact it is an innovation.