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The same way that you must pay attention to your personal health (diet, exercise, periodic medical check-ups), you have to pay attention to the health and cleanliness of your commercial facilities. The health of your business is closely correlated to the safe and clean work environment for your employees and customers. As we enter new phases of COVID-19 shut-downs, you need to consider how to maintain the cleanliness of your facility whether you decide to temporarily close your facilities or remaining open.
We all know that you should clean, disinfect, and sanitize your offices these days, but let’s make sure we know the differences between these three important cleaning approaches:
Cleaning is to physically remove dirt, grime, and germs from surfaces or objects by using water and soap or detergent. This does not necessarily kill things like bacteria or viruses that may be living on a surface, but it does lower the number of those germs by washing them away.
Disinfecting is to kill germs on surfaces or objects. It works by using certain cleaning chemicals intended to kill bacteria and viruses.
Sanitizing is the process of both cleaning and disinfecting a surface or object. When something is sanitized, you have lowered the amount of virus or bacteria present by physically removing germs and then killing anything that may be left.
Simply Crystal Clean has invested a substantial amount in acquiring new tools including new Ultra Violet (UV) and fogging devices to provide additional levels of sanitizing to further lower the amount of viruses and bacteria present in the work areas. The combination of our well-trained staff, our safe high-quality cleaning solutions, and our state of art cleaning equipment makes us the perfect candidate for your commercial cleaning.
If you are considering a new cleaning company, or if you need to consult with a cleaning company that is well-established and offers well-trained employees, contact Simply Crystal Clean. Simply Crystal Clean has a specific cleaning/disinfection process for all commercial business spaces. Check out their COVID-19 four-step cleaning/disinfecting process.