Our Mission is to Deliver the Highest Level Of Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Cleaning Services to Your Facility or Business.





100% eco-friendly, locally sourced products. Keeping harsh chemicals away from your self and your surroundings.

Reasonable PRICES

Competitive pricing, charged by the minute so you only pay for what you get. Simple and easy. 


All of our staff are properly trained, abide by OSHA  and CDC regulations, we hold a valid California janitorial license, are bonded and properly insured so you don't end up at risk.


Our top-notch administration team will make sure you're always in the loop. We make it easy to schedule appointments and pay for your services.

Samar T.

Simply Crystal Clean is a dependable commercial cleaning company that we have had the pleasure of working with. Their attention to small details and the fact that they are fully bonded and insured has been the main reason we have kept them as our cleaning and janitorial service company.

I highly recommend simply Crystal Clean for commercial cleaning and medical office cleaning services in Orange County.

Tommy W.

I would be glad to act as a phone reference for Simply Crystal Clean . Simply Crystal Clean does a wonderful job for our company and I certainly don’t mind confirming their outstanding  cleaning service for post construction cleaning . If you’re thinking about hiring them as a reliable  cleaning service for your rental properties or post construction cleaning ask them for my testimonial and call anytime.

Victoria B.

My husband and I are very satisfied customers and have been for over 1 year. Simply Crystal Clean always keeps our Office just perfect and are willing to accommodate special requests. I am glad I have a company that I can trust and will do the same quality work each cleaning.

I highly recommend them for Professional office cleaning services.



Small Frustration Started a Successful Business 

Bita is a chemical engineer and a working mother who had a hard time finding a reliable cleaning company. Her house provides some challenges considering the age of the house, and that one family member (Roxie, a German shepherd) sheds profusely.


Apart from that, her household, like many others in Southern California, is hectic and requires help with cleaning. However, most cleaners use harsh chemicals and are required to clean as fast as possible to get through their workload each day, which typically leads to something being missed.


Frustrated, she set forth to do it right and founded Simply Crystal Clean. A company that covers Orange County area with verity of  cleaning services,uses locally made, and high quality eco-friendly cleaning products, and ensured proper OSHA practices for staff.


The company mission is to be the best in the eyes of our customers, employees, and community through the hiring and training of the highest quality people available in the industry. 

Join Bita and her team as they work towards making our county a better place, a place that is clean and free from toxic chemicals. A place where environmental education is central to who we are and what we do.

Simply Crystal Clean is a globally conscious and socially active company seeking to change the society in a positive way! 5% of all profits supports local charitable activities.

They feel it’s important to give back to the COMMUNITY. 



Day Porter and Night Porter Services 

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleanup

Hotel Cleaning

Vacation Rental & Airbnb




Simply Crystal Clean has become a fast-growing Innovative commercial cleaning company in Southern California for a few reasons; not just one. Our motto of #Standardsmatter is our guiding  in creating a comfort process to hire our  commercial cleaning services for:

  • Post Construction Clean up

  • Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Janitorial Cleaning Services 

  • Day Portal Services 

  • Medical Facility Cleaning 

  • Dental Office Cleaning  

  • School Cleaning Services

  • Bank Cleaning Services

  • Dealership Cleaning Services

  • Retail Store Cleaning Services

  • Hotel Cleaning Services And Staffing

  • Sterilization Services    

  • Government Building Cleaning 

  • Carpet Cleaning 

  • Window Cleaning 

One of the most common question we are asked at Simply Crystal Clean is why make the investment in commercial cleaning services? Like the question says, it’s an investment and a calculated investment has gains. The benefits of hiring professional Commercial Cleaning Company for some jobs pay back by a tenfold on the investment and commercial cleaning is one of those areas!

Simply Crystal Clean’ is licensed, insured, and bonded. Our employees are professional cleaners and experts at their job. They have learned to specialize in personalized  commercial cleaning services for your facility  or business.


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