We offer premier commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties.

At Simply Crystal Clean, we take pride in our cleaning services. Our team of professional custodians and janitors have the expertise in knowing how to clean your business. We’ll give your space a sparkling look. We offer commercial cleaning services in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties. We provide cleaning services to a wide range of businesses such as medical facilities, banks, schools, fitness centers, and restaurants. We also offer post construction site cleaning. Please see our Services section at the top for your particular industry. Call us today and schedule your free walk through and free estimate!

Why choose us?

“We have over 40 years of solid (not combined) experience in Cleaning and Janitorial Service industry. Over the past many years, we developed a system that eliminates repetition problems and offer customized service based on the client needs. With our experienced and professional team, you will be able to view a spanking new sight like never before! We work diligently to fulfill all the required clean-ups with utmost care. Moreover, our customer satisfaction policy will always make you choose us over any other service provider!

First choice for commercial cleaning

Simply Crystal Clean is dedicated to giving you the most reliable and experienced cleaning service in town. The cleanliness of a business is often times the first impression for a client. And not only do we specialize in cleaning services, but also in janitorial and day porter services. Your business can prosper in a sanitized environment.

Our Proficient services

Efficient cleaning is what every organization pays attention to! To maintain your commercial space, several things are to be done. Commercial cleaning service facilitates regular sweeping and mopping, janitorial service assists in regular clean-ups like dusting and table mops whereas day potter services help in maintaining the overall look of your space, inside and out.

Simply Crystal Clean did a really good job with my office space making it super clean. I liked their way of conducting a hassle-free service which didn’t bother my office employees at all!
Sue J.
I hired commercial cleaning services from Simply Crystal Clean and the services they delivered were unmatched. Must say that our bank was in much need of a deep cleanse session and we couldn’t ask for better.
Jorge G.
The COVID attacked our office space too and we thought of getting a full sanitization. We are thankful that we got our hands on the best cleaning services. We are amazed with the services.
Kentoya F.
I was amazed when I saw professionals paying so much attention to even minute details. I couldn’t have asked for a better cleaning service option. They surely have made my post constructional mess a blessing.
Jocelyn J
One must pick commercial cleaning services from Simply Crystal Clean. They have marked their standards of cleaning services real high. I am looking forward to recommending this site for sure.
Courtney S.